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From "Electronian Friends":

“Because I was thinking that we are so similar to the Electronians, and yet so different. Explorabots and Mechawars have fought many wars on Electronia, while we live peacefully on our world.” (Commander Adams)

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Welcome to Robocity!

"Welcome to Robocity!" is the warm greeting Robocity citizens give to everyone coming to their little town on visit. Robocity is not only a robotic world inspired from the Transformers Universe, it's also a place where one life rule always prevail-- PEACE. Browse this website and you will come to know more about the Robocitans, who they are, how they live, the tales of their life. You can be their friends. Enjoy!

Robocity Character Spotlight: Ambrosia Nici Echo

This post was originally published on Eternity Creative, my old website dedicated to Character Blogging.

The character known as Ambrosia Echo was created back on year 2002 for my Robocity World stories. At that time, I didn’t use to have my characters blog online – I had just recently gotten acquainted with my 1st ever computer! – but I enjoyed spending any free time available writing the tale of how a little 5 years old girl named Ambrosia met the robot Silencer of Robocity and got affectionate to him; so similar to the Decepticon of the fanfic, yet so different because Silencer is a good-hearted mechanical being.

The inspiration burst who brought me to create little Ambrosia was given to me by a Transformers fanfiction I read on 2001 on the now closed website called Lexicon.TF. The story narrated of the Decepticon Soundwave meeting a little girl in the street called Ambrosia, a casual meeting that had him think over things.

I was so fascinated and touched by that story that I felt the need to have my own Ambrosia, with her own background story, meeting  Silencer Echo and becoming his daughter.

That initial plot gave life to an intricate web of relationships, past lives and redeemed hearts that brought to the current personality of Ambrosia Nici Echo.

Here’s what Ambrosia says about herself on her Biography page:

My name is Ambrosia Nici. I was born in Rome, Italy, on August 2nd, 1997. I don’t know who my natural parents are. I’ve grown up in a religious monastery in Genzano, kept by Agostinian nuns; I’m an orphan, and my last name “Nici” was given to me by a nun who kept me under her own care. I was then adopted by Silencer Echo, from Robocity, on 2005. Now, my full name is Ambrosia Nici Echo, and I’m officially part of the Robocity community.

From her ‘birth’ to today, Ambrosia has earned her place between the most popular Robocity World characters, online and offline. :) She is very loved for her friendly personality, her humility and love for her family and all people around her.

Do you wish to read the Robocity Tale that started Ambrosia’s fictional life? Read “Ambrosiahere (link under-construction: I’m translating the story from Italian :) ).

Do you want to read Ambrosia’s life through her Blogs? Visit and

Robocity Survey #1 For The Fans – First Encouraging Results! :D

Last week I setup a Robocity survey to see what my fans love and want to see next in Robocity and I posted it in a journal entry on DeviantART , as that’s the place where most of the Robocity fanbase resides. In the journal I added a survey welcome message and I explained that participating in the survey would help me understand Robocity better so that I can deliver better stories and maybe come up with some interesting goodie. ;)

Well, I was pleasantly surprise to see the first results after just a few hours from the journal posting. Thank you, guys and gals! ;)

Want to take up the survey or even just audit it? Head here. It will only take 5 to 10 minutes of your time!

My survey is meant to put YOU, the Robocity fan, at the center and to learn about your interests and what you would love to see in this website and in the Robocity World itself in the near future. This is important, because without my user base I can’t know what is more entertaining about Robocity and if my efforts are paying off.

A screenshot of the survey showing the percentage of people who finds Robocity World through various web media

So far, the Robocity survey has been taken by 14 fans, 10 of which have completed all the questions.

Shotty and Megs reading... our survey results? ;)

Here are the first results:

Top Places Where Robocity World Gets Found

  1. (8 out of 10)
  2. The Robocity World Forum through a Google search (1 out of 10)
  3. In a chat with me (1 out of 10)

Who ever needs search engines? It’s DeviantART who gives me a fan base! ;)

Top 4 Reasons That Make People Into Robocity Fans

  1. Robocity is a beautiful Sci-Fi world with nice characters (3)
  2. The Tales were well-written and the artworks great (3)
  3. The concept is interesting (1)
  4. I found DeviantART through Robocity (1)

Two survey respondents did not provide specifics on the reasons that made them into Robocity fans, so their responses were not included here.

What Fans LOVE About Robocity!

  1. The Tales! (4)
  2. The artwork! (3)
  3. The concept/Transformers characters humanized (2)
  4. Not yet another Autobot VS. Decepticon saga (1)
  5. Children and emphasis on family and adoption (1)
  6. Cute and light-hearted (1)
  7. It a story that goes on no matter what people think or say (1)

Things Fans Would Like To See In Robocity

  1. New characters, artwork and Tales (3)
  2. How the Robocitans transform into their vehicle modes (1)
  3. An explanation of Robocity as a city and a map (1)
  4. Are there other places the Robocitians exist at? (1)
  5. The Robocity versions of characters like Rung, Tailgate, and others from More Than Meets The Eye (1)
  6. Robocitans whose alt-modes are a MINI and an Audi A1 (1)
  7. Tales of holidays where the Robocitans celebrate together (1)
  8. Tales about bonds between characters getting stronger (1)

One fan said she’d love to help out with the world of Robocity somehow. While I try to keep my world under control for obvious reasons (narration consistencies, keeping track of all characters and their evolution, etc.), I might open up “spots” for Fans’ characters in the near future, so by all means keep an eye out on that.) Robocity is Italian, but there are poor scrapped robots all around the world, so I’m working on the creation of new Robocities out there.

A decentralized Robocity? Why not. ;)

More about my plans for Robocity in a couple of days!

  • The thought that, somehow, the soul of those Military robots was… ‘demilitarizing’. The friendly atmosphere of Robocity was ‘healing’ them, healing the wounds that hate and violence had caused to their souls.
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